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Dr. Theodosia McLean, Ph.D.
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Committed to helping our youth realize their potential and achieve their dreams!!!
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   We are among the most talented in the industry. 

Meet Our President and C.E.O. Dr. Theodosia McLean

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Theodosia Mclean (C.E.O.)

    Bishop Dr. Theodosia or “Mother Tee” as she is more commonly known is the birth mother of three divine gifts from The Lord and a loving Mother to thousands of youth and adults around the world. 

    Mother Tee answered her calling to take care of The Youth of The World at the age of thirteen while attending Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.  
 In 1983 I realized that the youth of today were not getting extra curricular activities nor the type of counseling they needed, so I partnered with Irving Place Child Development Corp and began My Youth Intervention while teaching singing and musical performance to the children. 

    In 1989 I was called to Prison Ministry, counseling young men in Fishkill and Clinton Correctional Facilities; I must say that it was not so much the talking that aided the change in these young men; but it was the joy that they found in knowing that I was bringing them to a state of positive transformation and not asking for anything in return; instead they expressed that I brought great encouragement to them, and inspired them to make positive changes for the betterment of their children and loved ones.

    I have worked in the capacity of Counseling within the NYC Board of Education for over 20 years successfully transforming young lives and placing education in the forefront of their young minds. I worked in the Capacity of the C.E.O. and Founder of Reflections Healing the Hearts and Minds of Youth, were I took over 300 youth from disruptive/ disrespectful behaviors and placed them on positive life paths to success.

 I Am A Public Inspirational & Motivational Speaker. I am available to be hired, for public or private individual or group speaking engagements and events.

It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you! 
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